Pearl Butter Smarty Pantsuit

Smarty Pantsuit

Brand: Pearl Butter

Smarty Pantsuit is a brilliant blue butter that boosts your brain power. 

Ingredient Highlights: 
Spirulina: Contains C-Phycocyanin, a powerful protein that protects the brain
Ginko Biloba: scientifically shown to increase short-term memory and efficiency 

May be used: in coffee, spread on toast, blended in smoothies, or scooped straight from the jar. 

Nutrition Facts:
Serving: 1 tbs
Calories: 105 (5% DV)
Carbs: 4g
Sugar: 0g
Fat: 11g (16% DV)

Organic raw coconut, Phycocyanin Extract (sourced from Spirulina), Ginko Biloba

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