Cocovit Coconut Oil tilted view Cocovit Coconut Oil front view
Cocovit Coconut Oil tilted view Cocovit Coconut Oil front view

Coconut Oil

Brand: Cocovít
Skin Care: Aging

The Cocovit Coconut Oil is the hardest working product out there and the answer to ALL of your beauty needs!

Think all coconut oils are created the same? Cocovit Coconut Oil is the purest, most potent coconut oil available made from completely raw (never heated) USDA Organic and Fair Trade coconuts from South India. 

Cocovit Coconut Oil is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and free of parabens, GMOs and chemicals. It is exceptionally high in lauric acid, is a natural anti-oxidant, loaded with essential fatty acids and can be used from all of your beauty needs including:
  • hair mask, treatment, de-frizzer, and dandruff fighter
  • facial cleanser and makeup remover (including stubborn eye makeup)
  • face and body moisturizer
  • cuticle/nail treatment 
  • lip moisturizer
  • prevention and treatment of stretch marks
  • mama and baby
The first time you use Cocovit you will realize that this truly unique product immediately melts into your skin to provide deep nourishment and hydration without any greasy residue that traditional coconut oils leave behind... and then you will wonder how you ever lived without it. 
Size: 8.8oz.

May be used as:

- hair mask/treatment
- cleanser
- moisturizer
- makeup remover
- cuticule/nail treatment 
- lip balm

100% Raw Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Certified USDA Organic.