Pursoma Jute Dry Brush with box Pursoma Jute Dry Brush
Pursoma Jute Dry Brush with box Pursoma Jute Dry Brush

Jute Dry Brush

Brand: Pursoma
Skin Care: Sensitive

The Jute Dry Brush is an ethically harvested jute dry brush to help exfoliate the skin and detoxify your entire system (might even reduce that pesky cellulite too).

Dry brushing is known to stimulate the lymphatic system and can promote detoxification, an important part of maintaining our health and vitality. Because our skin is our largest organ and the body’s primary system of elimination, it is a necessary component of the detox process.

DISCLAIMER: Not intended for medicinal use. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. If you are pregnant or have a medical condition consult your physician before use. Statements are not evaluated by the FDA. 



Set a timer for 5 minutes

Start with the feet and work in a circular upward brushing motion.

Move on to calves and thighs. Spend more time on the backs of upper thighs, applying slightly more pressure on this area and the buttocks.

Move to lower back (where you can reach), abdomen, chest and upper chest.

Proceed to arms, starting from the hands and working up to the shoulders.

Avoid sensitive skin on neck.

Always work in upward motion.

Spend a minimum of 5 minutes, taking a least 30 seconds on each body area.

Follow with a Pursoma Detox Beauty bath or body mask.