Nudus Lipsticks

These show-stopping lipsticks are handcrafted in Australia in small batches made from the finest organic ingredients to nourish as well as adorn your lips. They are created using ancient ayurvedic colours and extracts made from organic flowers, fruits, herbs and minerals with organic cold pressed oils including pumpkin, kiwi fruit, raspberry, pomegranate, argan and moringa oils. nūdus prides itself on using only the finest raw ingredients available, and is the first Australian company to have their products organically certified by COSMOS, as well as the ACO (or Australian Certified Organic, the most recognized certification body in Australia). When we first found nūdus it was truly love at first sight. Never before have we seen such deeply and richly pigmented formulas in products without using harsh sythentic coloring agents! As we began to dig deeper and learn the principles behind the brand, how the products are produced, and their uncompromising sourcing of truly beautiful ingredients our hearts fluttered. And then we used them… and we were madly deeply head over heels.

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