Moon Juice Tocotrienols Powder

Tocotrienols Powder

Brand: Moon Juice
Skin Care: Aging

The Moon Juice Tocotrienols are a luxurious and creamy powder used for inner nourishment and outer glow.

Tocotrienols may contribute to healthy skin and hair due to Tocotrienols' high Vitamin D and E content. Use this magical powder as part of your daily self-care ritual. 

Mixes wonderfully in shakes and coffee (or anywhere else you would like a boost of creaminess and nutrition).

Size: 4.3 oz.

Blend a heaping spoonful of more into milk potions, juices, tonics, confections, yogurts, puddings, cereals and ice cream; or use as a beautiful and nourishing garnish. May also be taken on its own.

Raw and stabilized rice bran and germ.